[AT HOME] is a curatorial project exploring the idea of ‘home’ through the creation of site-based, architectural interventions using homes around the world, alongside an evolving digital archive.

Founded by Common Collective, [AT HOME] is a decentralised curatorial, artistic and research framework that responds to the notion of ‘home’ and the built environment within the context of real homes. [AT HOME] invites an oscillating range of community, creative, and academic practitioners to respond to each [AT HOME] site. [AT HOME] is fundamentally experimental, with each iteration exploring both the specific, locational conditions of each home, and how the design and psychogeography of domestic space impacts how we engage with a range of ideas, guided by the creative practices centred at each home.

Beyond these temporary site-responsive works, [AT HOME] exists as an open-source, evolving digital archive featuring documentation of each iteration, alongside conversation transcripts and new commissioned writing, responses and reflections. This open access is central to the [AT HOME] framework, with the archive launching in early 2024.

Common Collective’s decentralised model allows [AT HOME] to co-design iterations internationally, both independently and in partnership with festivals, organisations, institutions and community hosts. Common Collective welcomes potential new partners to contact us to express interest in future collaborations or partnerships.

Common Collective

A de-centralised, multidisciplinary creative collective utilising artistic and organisational frameworks to deliver collaborative projects.

Common Collective is a multidisciplinary creative collective, founded in 2022 by Ian Strange and Jedda Andrews (Ian Strange Studio), Simon Robinson and Steve Mintern (OFFICE), Mashaka Gunnulson, Dr. Mathan Ratinam, Emma Pegrum, Dr. Rory Hyde (Melbourne School of Design), and Miriam McGarry (Hidden Cities)

Common Collective utilises both artistic and organisational frameworks to deliver collaborative projects, with an informal curatorial advisory board and a fluid membership model, growing with each iteration. Common Collective is committed to the curation and presentation of diverse perspectives in the areas of design, art and public space, alongside the creation of collaborative, socially-engaged, site-responsive works and open-access archives.