House Party

Hyper Global Hifi

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A playful live event honouring the legendary suburban house party, featuring Hyper Global Hifi’s custom-built sound system and local DJs.

The idea of the suburban house party holds a special place in Australia’s cultural narrative—as does the backyard itself. The backyard is the home, extended: a site for informal hosting, variations of cultural gathering and, above all, a symbol of the “good life”.

As our suburbs change, our backyards do too. House Party is a celebration of music, movement and community that pays tribute to the traditional backyard, while also providing an opportunity to reflect on its position in Australia’s contemporary cultural milieu. A space for informal hosting, entertainment and events, House Party highlights how the backyard fills a void not always supported within traditional suburban or even urban infrastructure.

Custom-built sound system Hyper Global Hifi brings their big bass sound, setting the stage for a Saturday night ceremony of song, dance and civic assembly with a roster of local DJs and performances.The full lineup will be announced soon.

With free, community-sourced food and drinks also provided, House Party is an open invitation to all to be hosted in the backyard of this home turned temporary art project.

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Hyper Global Hifi

Hyper Global Hifi

Hyper Global Hifi is a custom-built soundsystem based in Naarm/Melbourne, established in 2021. They are a renegade soundsystem crew known for hosting parties and community dances across the city, drawing inspiration from soundsystem cultures worldwide. With a collective of DJs, engineers, creatives, and ravers, their diverse music style is heavily influenced by Jamaican soundsystems and the free-tekno movement of the 1980s and 90s, as well as bass-driven music from the African and South American continents. From Dub to Cumbia, UKG to Jungle, Techno to Hardcore, and beyond, Hyper Global Hifi's mission is to bring people together through the unifying power of big bass sounds.